What are the Criteria used to Allocate Places at Community Primary, Infant and Junior Schools?

Hazelwood is a Community School and decisions regarding admissions are made by the local authority.
The school admissions policy is in line with the London Borough of Enfield procedures, which can be found by clicking this link.
Admissions criteria can be found in the Enfield Starting School Booklet.

We welcome applications from all members of the local community.

A summary of criteria for admissions is as follows:

  • Children in public care (looked after children) and children who were adopted (or subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been looked after.
  • Children for whom a particular school is appropriate on exceptional medical grounds. Such applications will considered under this criterion only if they are supported by an attached written statement from a doctor. This must demonstrate that there is a very specific connection between the child’s medical need and the school requested.
  • Children with a brother or sister who will be attending the school or linked junior school at the time of proposed admission. The children concerned must be living at the same address.
  • Children whose parent is a member of staff who has been employed at the school concerned for two or more years at the time of application and/or children of a member of staff who has been recruited to fill a vacancy for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.
  • Children genuinely resident within the school’s designated priority zone
  • Children living nearest to the school measured as the crow flies, that is, in a straight line from the child’s home to the main entrance of the school. (Travel by private car or public transport will not be taken into account.)

Hazelwood has three parallel reception classes. Reception children start coming in to school about two weeks after the other children. They join the school on different days over a period of 2 weeks so that we can concentrate on the needs of small groups of new joiners at a time.

You will find that we will – as far as is practicable – place your child with his or her friends in a class which contains a balanced mix of ages and sexes.

Our admission procedures are based on the educational needs of the children. Details are given at the meeting for new parents. We may encourage you to stay with your child on their first day to help them to settle. Later, if you are not sure about when to stay and when to go, talk to the class staff about it and, between you, you will be able to work out what’s best for your child.

Children normally transfer from the Infant school to the link Junior school automatically and it is not necessary for parents to apply for a place. In these cases, children who are attending the link infant school will take priority over all children wanting admission to Year 3 in the appropriate junior school. If, however, you want your child to be considered for an alternative junior or primary school, the criteria detailed below will be used to determine your child’s priority for admission.

Applications for admission at any time other that at the beginning of Reception or Year 3 will be considered using the criteria detailed above. Please note that should you wish your child to transfer to another school, you must discuss this with your child’s present Headteacher.

Arrangements for admission of pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities:

If your child has Special Educational Needs, as identified under the Code of Practice, you should involve the appropriate professionals in any discussions over choice of school.
Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, or an Education, Heath and Care Plan (EHCP) that names a school are required to be admitted to that school. The Admission Authority (even when it is the Governing Body) does not have a right to refuse admission. Children with Statements naming schools count toward the admission number.

If your child has special needs but not a Statement/EHCP, your application for a school place will be considered on the basis of the Local Authority schools’ published admission criteria.

If your child has a disability he/she will be treated no less favourably than other applicants for admission. Schools are under a duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that pupils with disabilities are not placed at a substantial disadvantage. The Local Authority is now required to have an accessibility strategy and all schools an accessibility plan outlining proposals to improve physical access, access to the curriculum and access to written information.

Click here for the Schools’ Accessibility Plan

If my child is not offered a place, can I appeal?

Yes, you have the right of appeal, but every effort will be made to try and offer your child a place at a school that you want. If this does not happen, you will be given full information about the appeals procedure when you are notified of the outcome of your application.

Appeals are considered by an independent appeal panel. As well as completing an appeal form when you register your appeal, you will be given an opportunity to discuss your appeal in person with members of the panel