Joining Our Nursery Classes?

If your child was born between 1st September 2018 and 31st August 2019 you can apply for a Nursery class for September 2022. This will be the September before their 4th Birthday

We have 90 spaces available at Hazelwood Nursery.  We are able to admit 30 full-time Nursery places provided parents are eligible, are registered with HMRC and can provide the school with the required 30 hour code. We have 60 part-time Nursery spaces and children are offered either mornings or afternoons.

Joining Our Reception Classes?

If your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018 you can apply for our Reception classes for September 2022.

We have 90 spaces in our Reception classes at Hazelwood.

Please remember if your child attends our Nursery you must apply for a Reception place in the same way as other applicants. There is not an automatic right to transfer from our Nursery to Reception.

How to Apply:

You should also apply for your child’s Nursery or Reception place online at or directly at

You can also contact Enfield Schools Admission Service: 0208 379 5501 – this is often very busy and we would encourage parents to email with any queries.

Click here for the London Borough of Enfield Quick Guide for Reception Applications 

Click here for Applying for a nursery school in Enfield-Education for Sept 2022

Click here for Hazelwood Schools Nursery Admissions Information Sheet 

Click here for Hazelwood Schools Reception Admissions Information Sheet 

What are the Criteria used to Allocate Places?

Hazelwood is a Community School and decisions regarding admissions are made by the local authority. We welcome applications from all members of the local community.

The schools’ admissions policy is in line with the London Borough of Enfield procedures, which can be found by clicking this link: Enfield Policy


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