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Welcome to Hazelwood Schools.
We are successful, friendly, over-subscribed schools who take immense pride in thriving at the heart of a diverse and vibrant community. I am very proud to be the Head teacher of such great schools where staff and parents work together in partnership to ensure that we provide our children with opportunities enabling them to be the best they can be.
Our children are simply delightful; they are keen to learn, fun to be with and enjoy coming to school. Our team of dedicated, talented and passionate professionals are fully committed to teaching and learning.
As a school, we aspire to achieving educational excellence whilst also providing children with a broad, balanced, inspiring curriculum that is (wherever possible) real, relevant, immersive and purposeful. To enable this, our learning journeys are underpinned by the following principals: thinking skills and problem solving, the creative arts and nurturing responsible citizens. We believe that our core school values will enable our children’s future success and happiness; the work that we do at Hazelwood is, therefore, always guided by these important values.
Our school is a happy place, where every member of staff does their very best for our children. We hope that, if you join our community, your children will be very happy here too.
Mrs T Kilkenny (Headteacher)

Core Purpose

  • Inspire awe and  wonder
  • Engage and motivate children to be better than they believe possible
  • Ensure all children achieve their full potential
  • Support children to think, problem solve and learn
  • Give children the foundations to be confident, happy and successful
  • Prepare children for their future lives

Ethos and Values

As you join our learning community we ask you to follow the ethos and values of our schools.

Ethos: Hazelwood is a  welcoming, inclusive, friendly, caring and vibrant community.

Our shared values are at the heart of all that we do:

Our values are: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Honesty, Tolerance & Understanding, Fairness, Ambition, Courage, Creativity, Kindness, Teamwork and Trust.

Everyone in our community benefits from our values and ethos being demonstrated in all aspects of school life by all community members.