at Hazelwood!

Autumn 2021

Introducing… Science Ambassadors!

Our Science Ambassadors will be meeting regularly to discuss ways in which we can develop and improve Science learning here at Hazelwood and we cannot wait to see what the new team of aspiring scientists come with this year! Congratulations!

National Space Week 2021:

Hazelwood looked at ‘Women in Space’ and took part in a range of space-themed activities for National Space Week. We adopted the theme of ‘inspiring females for the week’ and looked at British female poets for National Poetry Day. Each class loved presenting their female space farer to another year group.

















STEM SEASONAL CHALLENGE: Autumn and Halloween Theme!

Every year group was given a STEM challenge related to the season of Autumn or Halloween. Have a look at some of the activities they took part in!










Science Archive:

Highlights from Science Week 2021

 We kick-started the week with a whole school assembly all about what makes a great scientist- we really tested

the children’s prediction and observational skills. See if you can give these a go from home:

This is photo has been zoomed in.  What do you predict the photo could be of? Children, you can test your parent/carers!

The following  video really put the children’s observational skills to the test so have a go at home:

Observation test!

Smashing Stereotypes in STEM Careers

Each year group looked at stereotypes in STEM careers and discovered that the majority of scientists do not actually look like this:

In fact, scientists do not have to look a certain way because it is their qualities, skills and values that make them suited to their role:

Antarctica Day

The whole school was treated to a truly fascinating talk from Al Sylvester, an intrepid explorer, who shared his incredible experiences of survival in extreme temperatures. He described how his team survived in tents on Antarctica for 7 weeks while skiing- unsupported- the 600 nautical miles to the Geographic South Pole.  The children were amazed at his experiences, from hypothermia, to snow baths, to frostbite! What an inspiration he was!  Following this, every class conducted their own experiment linked to insulation and will share their results to help Al on his next adventure.

Eco- Warriors

I was blown away by the homework projects that were brought into school to support our diverse world and sustainability. Thank you Year 1 and 2 for being little conservationists and building the most amazing hedgehog homes:











Here are some of the new innovations that were made from upcycled materials by our incredible inventors in Year 3 and 4.










Year 5 and 6, well done for thinking so carefully about sustainability when designing your amazing ‘Homes of the future’- they were brilliant and innovative. 



Parent speaker of the week!

Finally, a special thank you to Aditya’s (6O) mum, Dr Geranton, for so kindly offering to share her expertise on neuro science with Upper Key Stage 2. I never thought children could enjoy learning about pain so much but they certainly did! They learned so much about how factors affect how intensely we feel pain: environmental, emotional and genetic!





Hot off the press!

Look closely at some of our Science learning through pictures…



Year 6

Following our virtual visit from Al Sylvester, we decided to help him by investigating which materials would provide the best insulation. STEM Challenge: Beat the flood. We recycled materials to create our own floating garden and planted seeds. Be sure to keep us up to date with how your plants are growing at home.












We looked at an example of evolution and natural selection with the story of the peppered moth. To see which type of moth would survive best in habitats around Hazelwood, we went on a hunt to collect as many in one minute. We looked at the Evolution of Darwin’s finches and conducted an experiment in which we explored different types of beaks and concluded which beaks would suit which type of food and, therefore, what type of habitat:










Year 5








 Year 4


 Our insulation experiment, following our Antarctica talk from Al Sylvester. We looked at the water cycle and explored changing states. Our STEM challenge was to build a bridge that could support a weight, using only newspaper.

















Year 3








Year 2

We grew our own cress. We even grew our own rainbow using felt tips and water! We investigated which material would keep our ice trolls the coldest for longest.


Year 1 

STEM challenge – building a boat fit for a penguin to travel to Antarctica in.

Ice Trolls experiment – Which material will keep the tolls from melting?

Fizzy colours – What happens when drops of vinegar are dropped into bi carbonate of soda?

Corn flour slime – What happens when corn flour is mixed together with a small amount water?

Our senses – Tate testing, smell testing, sound hunt, feely bag. We are all diverse – we like the smell, feel and touch of different things.








Inspired by our talk from Al Sylvester, Reception have learnt how animals keep warm by taking part in the blubber experiment. They found out how penguins launch themselves from the sea back onto the land then we recreated it with our popping penguins experiment. 





Year 6

We have been getting up close and personal with understanding how our bodies work. They have dissected the pluck of an animal (heart, trachea, lungs and liver). It helped them understand the  process of circulation and respiration.










Look at the fantastic heart and circulation projects they completed too:




Kiran 6M Heart Map



Year 5

We have been busy exploring properties of materials and testing solubility! Have a look at what they’ve observed…







They have also completed some amazing STEM- inspired projects. Here’s one of a ‘floating home’ and William’s fantastic explanation of how to make a conveyor belt:

Will’s conveyor belt (2)

Year 4

They went on a hunt for organisms around school and used what they found to categorise living things into ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’. They then had to distinguish between ‘prey’ and ‘predators’ out of the consumers!














Highlights from Science Week 2020

We had an EGG-cellent week EGG-sploring and EGG-sperimenting! Thank you to all those parents who came and watched their children transform into scientists as they shared their learning at the EGGS-hibition!