Headteacher: Tracy Kilkenny
Designated Safeguarding Lead, Strategic Development, Leadership Development, Teaching & Learning, Standards, FIPC, ELC, EPHA


Deputy Headteacher: Stella Gannon
Teaching & Learning, Designated Safeguarding Deputy, Strategic Development, Leadership Development, Designated Lead for LAC & Post LAC,

Assistant Headteacher: Nicole Gardiner
Teaching and Learning, Behaviour, Upper KS2, Assessment Leader, CPD

Assistant Headteacher: Samantha Powell
Teaching & Learning, Community Engagement, CPD, Health and Safety, Students & Work Experience


Assistant Headteacher: Justyna Powrie
Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Nursery, YR & Y1, Behaviour

School’s Manager: Daniel James
Admin, Finance, FIPC, Premises & Personnel

Inclusion Lead: Erina Komodromos

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Provision

Contact via office@hazelwood.enfield.sch.uk

or on 020 8886 3216