School Council


Hazelwood’s Road Safety Competition

In January our school ran a Road Safety Competition. The message was to encourage more children to wear helmets when riding both bikes and scooters and to wear a seat belt at all times in the car. The idea for the competition was created by the JTA’s (Junior Travel Ambassadors), in year 5, who noticed these issues when carrying out a travel survey before school. The survey was carried out alongside Sally Symons (Community Road Safety Officer, Jan (The lollipop lady) and Andrew Ruffell (Senior Traffic Engineer). The winners of the competition were selected by the School Council members and they all voted on who they thought should win and why. The winners were:


Infants: Jasmin – 1M

Ameera – 1O


Juniors: Beth – 4M

Zara – 4R

Amber – 5R

School Council Members 2017-2018

1R Jacob
1O Sasha
1M Nat
2R Marley
2O Iris
2M Jack
3R Freya
3O Hivda
3M Micael
4R Emma
4O Eleni
4M Ibbey
5R Ivan
5O Emma
5M Alan
5A Vladi
6R Drew
6O Rosa
6M Simeon

School Council 2017-2018

This year we have been discussing ideas about what we would like to happen in and around the school. The School Council members brought various ideas to meetings after discussing with their class members and peers. Already this year we have seen new benches placed in the playgrounds and more equipment made available at playtime and lunch. The School Council members have had a chance to present their ideas to Miss Ross and hear her feedback in person. Recently, we have started a project with the Nursery as part of our aim to nurture responsible citizens, which is one of our curriculum drivers. The idea behind the project is to teach and learn a number of playground games. These games will then be introduced to the other children around school to play at playtime and lunch.