Intervention Provision Map

Here at Hazelwood Schools we are very fortunate that we are able to provide a variety of specific interventions which cater to the varying needs of individual pupils. They are delivered by various highly skilled, as well as nurturing staff ranging from the assistant head teachers to teaching assistants. Interventions usually take place outside the classroom and usually in the afternoons. Below is a list and brief description of the interventions in Key Stage 1  and in Key Stage 2.
Click here for a copy of the Provision Map 2017 – 2018

Key Stage 1 interventions…

15 minutes a day- Y1 & Y: Structured daily reading programme to build sight word recognition and basic reading fluency.

Art- Y2: To develop social skills

Cookery- Y2: To develop social skills

Language and communication (ELKAN)- YR: To improve speech and language and socials skills

Learning Mentor- YR, Y1 & Y2: Pastoral care to support access to learning

Number Crunchers- Y1 & Y2: To support and improve the development of number skills.

Phonics Fun- Y1 & Y2: Letters and sounds programme. Reinforcing phases 2, 3 & 4.

Speech Link- Y1 & Y2

Speech Sounds-YR- Y2: To correct articulation

Social skills group- Al year groups: To develop social skills.

Tiger teams- Y1-2: Developing core stability and gross motor skills

Tom’s group (EYSI): To develop social skills

Year 2 Boys’ Writing club- Y2: To engage and enthuse boys in writing activities x8 sessions.

Key Stage 2 Interventions…

1St Class at Number 2- Y3: Developing knowledge, skills and understanding of number and the number system from level 2c to 2a.

1:3 Tuition- Y5 & Y6: Literacy focus: to develop writing skills and raise attainment. (Spring Term)

Additional Literacy- Y6: Support with Spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Additional Numeracy- Y6: To develop using and applying skills in preparation for SATs.

Art- Y3- Y6: To develop social skills – behaviour focus.

Catch up Numeracy- Y4, Y5 & Y6: Developing basic number skills.

Cooking- Y3-Y6: To develop social skills – behaviour focus.

Girls’ Maths Club- Y5 & Y6: Enthuse and engage girls in maths activities and investigations.

Jungle Rhythm- Y3 & Y4: Follow on from Tiger teams: continuing to develop core stability and gross motor skills.

Language for Thinking- Y4 & Y5: To develop inference and deduction skills.

Learning Mentor: Y3- Y6: Supporting vulnerable children to engage with learning and make good academic progress.

Level 6 Reading Support- Y6: To better prepare children for KS2 Reading SAT.

Lexion- Y3- Y6: Develop phonological awareness, improve decoding and encoding skills.

Mind-mapping- Y4: To support with planning and organising writing.

New to English- Y4 & Y6: Tower Hamlets programme based on equipping new to English children with functional language skills.

Secondary transition-Y6: Preparing vulnerable children for transition to secondary school.

Sounds Right- Y3: Letters and sounds programme. Reinforcing phases 4, 5 and 6

Social Skills- Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6: To develop social skills – behaviour focus

SPAG- Y3 & Y4: To improve Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Spelling Support- Y6: Review rules and strategies in KS2 x10 sessions (Spring Term)

The Write Place to be- Y5 & Y6: To narrow the gap in writing and raise attainment of children who are under-achieving in writing. Developing use of sentence structure and descriptive vocabulary.

Working Memory- Y3, Y4 & Y5: To learn strategies which help children retain and retrieve information.