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 This half term’s learning journey is: Our Changing World!

Welcome to Year 6!

Week Ending: Friday 7th May 2021

-SCIENCE WEEK! Next week is science week, children need to have their recycled materials in school by Tuesday please!

-ADDITIONAL PE SLOT – We now have an additional, 30 minute PE slot. Children have been sent home with a letter to state which days is their additional PE day. This will be a shorter indoor session, please ensure that your child also comes to school on this day in PE kit. Days are as follows:

Monday – 6O
Tuesday – 6M & 6R

-ASSESSMENT WEEK! Year 6 will be having an assessment week this half term. It will not be a ‘formal SATS week’ but we will be using past SATs materials to help support summer term teacher assessments. It is an importance experience for children to prepare them for life beyond Year 6 but also it gives children an important goal to aim for. It is likely that our assessment week will WB Monday 24th May 2021

-STUDENT TEACHERS – We would like to wish FIPC student Miss Ali every success in her teaching career as she leaves 6O to rejoin in Year 2 this week. Miss S will continue working alongside Miss McBride until mid June 2021.

-YEAR 6 LEAVERS – Please keep an eye out for the Year 6 leavers letter which will be emailed out to parents/carers via email. Lots of careful thought has been put into how we best plan for the end of the year – we hope the planned arrangements make for an exciting send off! Further information will follow later in the year but to facilitate forward planning, we have sent the letter out in good time.

-YEAR 6 PRODUCTION – We have decided that the Year 6 production will take place this year with a change to how we perform to a LIVE audience. Our production will be based on the film OLIVER! This week children have been set homework to prepare for auditions on Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th June 2021

-SUMMER1 LEARNING JOURNEY! Our new learning journey is called ‘Our Changing World’ focusing on the very real and relevant topic of pollution and how our world is changing over time. We will be looking more specifically at our local area and studying how pollution levels have changed over time. If you have any experience in this field and feel you would be able to support our learning in anyway, please let your child’s class teacher know. We will also be carrying out a lesson, looking at how far our fresh food travels. Please collect up any plastic food wrappers which state the foods country of origin – no meat! Thank you!

Our Learning 


This week… we have been learning about ratio and proportion. We have applied understanding to reasoning and problem solving contexts, preparing for our ‘mock SATs week’. Well done children!!

Next week… We will be taking part in the whole school science week so all of our maths for next week will be through our science investigations, we will show you what we get up to!


This week… we began our new unit of writing based on a film stimulus called ‘ALMA’… We continued to develop our figurative language and then moved onto planning and writing our very own Alma narratives. Well done to those children who were able to get this started from home on Thursday! 🙂

Next week… We will be continuing with some of our writing through science week so that we do not forget our amazing language that we have collected and planned for so we will hopefully well on our way to finishing our initial drafts by the end of next week.

Learning Journey 

PSHE: We looked at the importance of being and staying safe online
ART: We have looked at Andy Goldsworthy a nature sculptor from home on Thursday

Achievement Children: 
6R: Nicholas & Micael
See the source image
Well done children!


Year 6 Polite reminders:

– If you wish for your child to walk home independently, you must email the school office to give permission. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!  We will not allow any child to leave without permission!  If children are walking to/from school they may bring their phone to school but it should be switched off whilst they are on the school premises and they are the child’s responsibility.

-Year 6 PE is on THURSDAY. As of next week, children are expected to come to school on Thursdays wearing their full PE kit. Please be aware that children will be wearing this all day so it will need to be appropriate for the weather & washed please before the next PE session!

-Meet the Team: In the absence of our usual ‘Meet the Team’ meetings, the Year 6 teachers have created their own ‘Meet the Teacher’ videos to share some key important information with you. So that the videos are not too long, we have just mentioned the key points that are either new for this year or as a result of COVID-19 regulations. Please see the ppt under the video links for some usual Year 6 reminders, year group expectations and an introduction to the whole Year 6 team! Should you have any further questions, please email the office and we will be in touch! – 6M Video – 6O Video – 6R Video

Meet The Team 2020 –  Click here for PPT (all Year 6 Classes)

Hazelwood Year 6 Resources

Year 6 Suggested Reading List

Arithmetic Ninjas, Complete Pack with Answers

KS2 Maths Revision


Year 6 Book Blog! 

James 6R 

Title: Odd Boy
Summary: I rate this book a solid 10/10! Odd Boy is a homeless boy who is really good at playing the fiddle, a wizard watched Odd boy for a while, the wizard then decided to meet Odd boy. He gives Odd Boy a golden fiddle. Odd Boy then lives with the Wizard in his magical kingdom. But if Odd Boy exits the kingdom, he will loose his voice. Odd Boy leaves anyway, then he meets the music teacher. The music teacher notices Odd Boys talent, and adopts him. The music teacher has a son who is a fiddler, he grows envy on how good Odd Boy is at playing. Him and the other village boys try to make Odd Boy leave, all while Odd Boy can not talk. GREAT BOOK!!!!

Amira 6M

Image result for the pants project

Title: The Pants Project
Author: Cat Clarke
Rating: ****
Summary: Liv and Maisie start a new middle school, but things don’t go the right way, as the two popular girls have made Maisie choose them over Liv. However, Liv has a secret that she hasn’t revealed yet: she feels like a boy!

Yusuf 6R 

Image result for De Gea Tom And Matt Oldfield

Title: De GEA
Author: Matt and Tom Oldfield
Rating: *****
Summary: This book is all about the life of David DeGea. The book follows his early life as a child, he was born in Madrid (Spain) and was interested in football from an early age. He played for an under 11 team and then was called when he was 17 years old to his dream club Atletico Madrid team. After a few years, he was bought by Manchester United and he was at the peak of his career. This book is recommended to anyone who likes football and wants to know more about an inspiring footballer.

Marina 6R 

See the source image

Title: Shrinking Violet (definitely needs a dog)
Author: Lou Kuenzler
Rating: **** 1/2
Summary: Violet overheard a conversation that her mum and dad were having about her Uncle Max coming round. Violet thought that her Uncle Max was getting her a dog so she got so excited that … SHE SHRANK! Then, she found a letter about a pet rescue so went to go to the rescue centre with her friend to help them out but ended up entering an agility competition – which she came last in! Whilst at the agility competition, Violet fell in love with a particular dog named Chip however, when Violet attended Uncle Max’s wedding, Violet was sad to see her uncle had rescued Chip but not for Violet, for his new wife. However Bunny, Max’s wife, did not like Chip as he was not a pure breed so after a very eventful wedding and lots of drama later… Violet was able to take the dog home for herself and Uncle Max’s marriage ended in disaster!

I loved this book, I enjoyed reading it with my Mum! We have read every single day!

Alex 6R 

See the source image

Title: The spy who loved school dinners
Author: Pamela Butchart
Rating: unknown…
Summary: Izzy and her friends are in big trouble… The new girl Mathilde is not talking to them even though Izzy was in charge of talking to her! Is there a spy in the school???

Tilda 6R 

See the source image

Title: Skycircus
Author: Peter Bunzl
Rating: ***** – highly recommended
Summary: Lily and Robert are invited to a spectacular show by Slimwood’s travelling sky circus but behind, a secret beholds Lily’s past, from the flying bird-girl to the lobster-handed boy. As they uncover the secrets from Lily’s past… a new journey begins!

Afshana 6R 

Title: Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Author: Kate Dicamillo
Rating: **** – highly recommended
Summary: Edward Tulane was a China rabbit, he was a toy but he wasn’t any ordinary toy; he had feelings. He was owned by a girl named Abilene but soon after they found each other, he got lost…

Zaynah 6R 

See the source image

Title: How Kirsty Jenkins stole the elephant
Author: Elen Caldecott
Rating: *****
Summary:  Kirsty loves the allotment that her grandfather had and just before he dies, Kirsty promises that she will take good are of it for him. However, mean Mr Thomas, who works at the council, said that she was too young to keep it and that there was a list of people who get the next allotment. Kirsty was so sad so she made many plans to try to create her own. A story of resilience in action!

Our Learning Journey photo gallery: 

October 2020 – We dissected ‘The Pluck’ of a sheep


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