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Autumn 1 – 2020/21
This half term’s Learning Journey is Blow Your Mind!

We hope that you had a safe summer break!

PURPLE MASH: www.purplemash.com
MYMATHS: http://www.mymaths.co.uk
Times Tables Rock Stars: bit.ly/2Oz7Vnm

Meet The Team!

In a slight deviation from our regular ‘Meet The Team’ presentation, this year, due to the new safety procedures in place, each teacher has recorded a short video (Mr Roberts’s video is 12 minutes long, for which he apologises!) for you to view at your leisure. This video contains information about the year ahead, as well as advice regarding your child’s learning. We will also attach the PowerPoint itself for you to refer to throughout the year. If you do have any questions, please speak to the office, who will pass on any messages to your child’s class teacher, or on to Mr Roberts, the Year 5 Year Group Leader. Thank you.

5R (Ms Messiter): https://vimeo.com/456616554/b908cd50bc

5O (Mr Roberts): https://vimeo.com/456639043/3897e83c62

5M (Ms Costi): https://vimeo.com/456659444/af33c816c0

The ‘Meet The Team’ PowerPoint


Week Ending: 18.09.20

In English:

This week:

We have spent time working on short stories! We began the week by looking at the structure of short stories written by Kevin Crossley-Holland. We then moved on to looking at the language used within stories, based on some of the work the children had done in the previous week. They were tasked with finding a variety of sentence types, noun phrases, expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors and much more! They rounded off the week by analysing characters in short stories and looking at how authors create/use tension and suspense in their writing.

Next week:

Next week, we will be taking part in NFER assessments.

Spelling words for week beginning 21st September 2020:
accompany, equipped, privilege, bruise, hindrance, shoulder

Please practise these words as much as possible with your children at home!

The previous week’s words were…
bargain, harass, prejudice, environment, secretary, accommodate 

Next week’s words will be…
according, equipment, profession, category, identity, signature 


In Maths: 

This week:

We have been looking at addition and subtraction. We began the week by working on the column method for addition and subtraction, before working on representations of word problems using pictures, diagrams and bar models. We finished the week by looking at rounding to the nearest 100 and 1000.

Next week:

Next week, we will be taking part in NFER assessments.


Reading at home – MORE PLEASE!

As you know, reading is REALLY important. It helps the children to widen their vocabulary and broaden their ideas when it comes to writing. Ideally, they should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. From now on, we will be checking the children’s reading records on a daily basis to ensure that they are reading at home. If you could please encourage them to read and record in their reading records, and remind them to bring their reading records into school every day, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.


Times Table Rockstars: Keep practising, Year 5!

Carry on practising your times table rock stars and try to beat your scores!

Can you beat your record? Can you improve your speed?


https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/14729 or bit.ly/2Oz7Vnm


Also this week:
This week, we took part in our Big Bang! There were three workshops run by the class teachers and teaching assistants. There was a chemistry workshop, which involved the children making their own sodium bicarbonate bath bombs; a biology workshop where the children made their own snot and a physics workshop, where the children worked in pairs to make their own egg-parachutes, in order to investigate the effects of gravity and air resistance. Considering the new layout of classrooms and the new procedures in place, the day ran smoothly and the children seemed to enjoy themselves! Well done, Year 5, and enjoy the bath bombs!


Values Certificate Winners:
5O – William and Mya
5M – Jakub and Isabella
5R – Aanya
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Dates for your diary!

Friday 11th September 2019 – Year 5 Big Bang


****************************  Reminders & Notices   ****************************

Swimming – another reminder

In Spring 2021, the children will be taking part in swimming lessons. The lessons themselves are part of the national curriculum. The children have had a safety talk from someone from the council, and they have been told what they can/cannot bring with them as part of their swimming kit. Based on our experience of swimming lessons over the years, we frequently have children missing their kits, not bringing swimming hats, and  children trying to bring in items such as shower gels and flip-flops, which are not required/allowed. After lessons, children also need to ensure that they take their kits home afterwards to be washed. We have previously found a few unwashed swimming kits on children’s pegs, that have been there for days. The smell is rather unpleasant.

-A one piece swimming costume (Note: NO bikinis or wetsuits, please)
-A swimming hat for long hair
-A towel

-A pair of trunks (Note: swimming shorts or sports shorts that are loose fitting or finish below the hip are NOT suitable, because they can hinder a pupil’s progress, fall off, or fill up with air and tip the pupil over)
-A swimming hat for long hair
-A towel


If you want your child to wear goggles, a letter must be handed in to your child’s class teacher.


PLEASE NOTE: For the one of the swimming lessons, the children are required to bring pyjama bottoms (not loose-fitting/heavy ones) in addition to their regular swimming kit. This is for a particular part of the swimming course designed to show them how dangerous it can be if people accidentally fall in lakes, rivers and other places where there is a large amount of water. If you do not have any pyjama bottoms of the sort, then the instructors recommended ‘under-armour’ style bottoms, similar to the clothing footballers wear underneath their football kits. All extra clothing needs to be brought in a separate bag. We will let you know in advance when this particular lesson will take place. Thank you.


Swimming times:

5R – tbc
5M – tbc
5O – tbc


Important Notice

As you may know, Year 5 is an incredibly important year for your children. As a result, we highly advise that they be reading at home as often as they can. Ideally, they should be reading every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. This serves two purposes: firstly, it helps them to develop their reading skills, especially if you are questioning them whilst reading. Secondly, it allows the children to develop their vocabulary – something they will definitely need this year. We recommend reading a wide variety of texts (e.g. non-fiction, fiction, poetry, playscripts, etc) as these are likely to come up in Guided Reading.

In order to support the children’s writing, I highly recommend recapping the SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) from Years 3 and 4, as well as working on the Year 5 grammar. The CGP SPAG books (both the revision guides and the workbooks) are particularly useful in this regard. A selection of CGP SPAG books can be found here. Furthermore, the children will be receiving a paper copy of the Year 5/6 Spelling words, which are different to the Year 3/4 Spelling words. The list can be found here.

In relation to Maths, again, the CGP books are fantastic. I thoroughly recommend purchasing the revision guides and the workbooks, which can be found here. It is also vital that the children continually practise their times tables. Throughout Year 5, we will be doing a lot of work on times tables, but practise at home is also very important.

I really hope that as parents, you encourage your children to take their work seriously and to be prepared to put the work in at home. As always, if you have any questions, please come and speak to me, Mr Roberts, in 5O. Thank you.

Calling all parents…share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming Learning Journeys for the year are as follows:
Autumn 1: Blow Your Mind
Autumn 2: Lost in Space
Spring 1: The Life of the Buddha
Spring 2: Rainforest
Summer 1: The Vikings
Summer 2: Ancient Egypt

If you have any particular interest, knowledge or speciality in any of these areas/topics, we would love to hear from you! Some parents have expressed an interest in delivering informal workshops or talks to the children, linking to our current learning journey. Please talk to your child’s teacher or Year Leader (Mr Roberts) if this is something you are interested in. We appreciate what a great asset our parents are at Hazelwood in supporting our children with their learning. A big thank you in advance to any volunteers!

PE Kits/Swimming Kits:

Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school. This year, Year 5 will be having PE on Wednesdays. At the end of Year 4, you should have received a letter about swimming. The children will be given a safety talk on Monday 9th September 2019 in class, and this will include what they are/are not allowed to bring to their lessons. Swimming lessons will commence on Monday 16th September. Occasionally, the class that goes swimming last may arrive back at school slightly late due to traffic. If this does happen, please be patient; the class teacher will do their best to keep the school informed of any lateness.


***************Our Incredible Learning Journey Archive***************


On Tuesday 10th September, Year 5 took part in their Big Bang – Mad Scientists Day! The children took part in three workshops. The physics workshop, run by Ms Mowlem, involved the children trying to defy gravity by building egg parachutes! The aim was to stop the egg from cracking when dropped from a height. The biology workshop, run by Ms Costi, involved the children making snot! Finally, the chemistry workshop, run by Mr Roberts, involved the children making their own bathbombs. The children combined sodium bicarbonate, essential oils (inspired by Arabic perfumes!) and colouring to create their bathbombs. The children will be taking their bathbombs home on Friday – they will need to add a very small amount of water to the powder in order to mould it into a ball shape. The children then ended the day by watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! Overall, they had a fantastic day and some of the costumes were BRILLIANT! Pictures to follow soon!


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