Welcome to Year 2!

A big thank you to all the parents and carers of Year 2! We hope you have a relaxing summer and wish you all the best for Year 3!

New Notices and Reminders

Home Learning: This week’s home learning will be in the home learning books. Please also encourage your child to practise their spelling words.

Taking books home: Next week, we will be sending the children’s exercise books home with them. We will spread out the amount of books that are sent home over the course of the week so please ensure that you send your child to school with a book bag/ rucksack/ carrier bag every day next week. Many thanks.

Class parties: Please be aware that the class parties will take place on Wednesday 20th July. The children will come to school in their party clothes. The children have also been asked to bring in snacks for the party, by their class teacher. The list of snacks can be found in the class pick up areas. Many thanks for your support.

1-Minute Maths App: If you would like to support your child to improve their mental arithmetic and mathematical fluency, White Rose have a fantastic app. Just search “1-Minute Maths” on the app store.

The Big Battery Hunt: If you have any old batteries at home, your child can bring them to school where they will be recycled. Thank you!


If you need some ideas for how to support your child to practise their spelling words, click here.

Click here for the complete lists of Year 2 High Frequency and Common Exception Words.

Repeat Reminders and Notices

Home Learning Expectations

Home Learning: Home learning will be set every Friday and needs to be handed in by the following Tuesday. This will either be online or in your child’s home learning book.

Maths written methods

Addition: Number Line

Number Line

46 – 18 = 28


2 x 4 = 8

2 groups of 4 equals 8


12 ÷ 3 = 4

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