Welcome to Year 2!

This term’s Learning Journey is…

The Victorian Era

New Notices and Reminders

Isolation work: If your child has tested positive for Covid-19, the class teacher will send that week’s learning via email on Purple Mash. There is no expectation for your child to complete this work.

Home Learning: Home Learning this week is in the home learning book. Please also encourage your child to continue practising their times tables on Times Table Rock Stars.

Changes to PE days: 2M will now have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 2R and 2O will have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please send your child to school in their PE kit on these days.

SONG PRACTISE: Please encourage your child to practise the songs and words for their assembly at home. Click on the names of the songs to be taken to a youtube recording so that the children can sing along: Being eight, Work terrible work and God save the Queen

SAVE THE DATES: This year, all year groups will be given the opportunity to showcase their learning to their families in a class assembly. Year 2 are lucky enough to be the first to do so. The dates are as follows:

2M: Wednesday 26th January 9:15am

2O: Thursday 27th January 9:15am

2R: Friday 28th January 9:15am

2M trip to Little Angel Theatre: We have managed to reschedule 2M’s trip to the Little Angel theatre to see a performance of the Storm Whale to Friday 28th January 2022. We are still looking for parent volunteers to support us on this trip. If you are able to accompany 2M, please email the office. Many thanks.

Lunches: A friendly reminder that you can pre-order your child’s lunches online. This saves a lot of time in the morning for class teachers and enables lessons to start promptly. Many thanks for your cooperation!

Belongings: Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name and class. This includes hats, gloves, scarves, water bottles etc. Many thanks for your cooperation!

Speaking to teachers: If you need to speak to the class teacher, please send an email to the office which will then be passed on to the teacher. Many thanks.

The Big Battery Hunt: If you have any old batteries at home, your child can bring them to school where they will be recycled. Thank you!

National Poetry Day Competition:
There were so many fabulous entries for our National Poetry Day competition! You can find an online gallery of all the shortlisted entries here…

Shortlisted entries 

The overall winners in each category were:

Year 1 & 2: Jago Buckley (2R)
Year 3 & 4: Eliza Forbes (3O)
Year 5 & 6: Sasha Barrett (5R)


This week’s spelling words:

  • only
  • both
  • hold
  • around
  • every
  • must

If you need some ideas for how to support your child to practise their spelling words, click here.

Click here for the complete lists of Year 2 High Frequency and Common Exception Words.

This week’s learning outcomes:

English: Formal Letter

• To apply the features of a formal letter.
• To copy my work including teacher feedback.
• To assess my peer’s work.
• To reflect on the purpose of my work.

Maths: Subtraction

• Counting back by partitioning the second number.

• Subtract the ones first to be in line with columnar subtraction
• Subtract 2 digit numbers and ones, 2 digit number and tens, two 2 digit numbers, three 1 digit numbers.


Text Title: Stone Soup
Text type: Traditional Tale
Skill: Inference


Repeat Reminders and Notices

Arrival expectation: Children are expected to arrive between 8:45am and 8:55am and go straight to their classroom from the playground.

Classroom locations:

2M is located in Rowan building

2O is located in Oak building

2R is located in Maple building

Pick up time: The school day ends at 3:15pm for all children. Please pick your child up promptly from the below locations or notify the office if you are running late.

2O pick up area: External door in the Pencil Playground

2R pick up area: Maple building entrance onto Year 1 & 2 Playground

2M pick up area: In front of the Potter’s Shed on the Year 3 & 4 Playground

Lunch: Please ensure you have provided a packed lunch or have ordered a school lunch online.

Water bottles: Please provide your child with a water bottle with their name on it.

Uniform: Please ensure your child is wearing the correct school uniform in line with Hazelwood’s policy.

Book bag: Please ensure that your child returns any school books and brings in their reading record as soon as possible.

NO NUTS policy: We are a nut free school so please do not provide your child with any snacks that contain nuts or may contain nuts.

Belongings: Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name and class so that they do not get lost.

Newsletter: Please check your emails every other week for the newsletter from Mr Newham. If you have not been receiving the newsletter, please speak to the office.

PE Days: 

2M: Tuesday and Wednesday

2R &2O: Tuesday and Thursday

PE Kits: On their PE day, children should come to school dressed in their PE kits. The PE kit should consist of:

White t-shirt
Black/navy joggers
Black/navy shorts

Home Learning Expectations

Daily reading: Children are expected to read every day for at least ten minutes. Please could parents comment at least 3 times a week in the yellow reading records. This helps the teachers monitor their reading progress.

Year 2 Statutory Spelling Words: Children are expected to practise six different spelling words a week using a variety of different methods and games.

Times Table Rock Stars: The children can now start practising their 2, 5 and 10 times tables on Times Table Rock Stars. This website is a fun way to help children gain number fluency.

Home Learning: Home learning will be set every Friday and needs to be handed in by the following Tuesday. This will either be online or in your child’s home learning book.

Home Learning

Purple Mash

My Maths

Times Table Rock Stars

Access: If your child has lost their password or you are having trouble accessing the work, contact the office or the class teacher directly.

Self-isolation: If your child has to self-isolate, the class teacher will provide learning on the above platforms that will follow the learning taking place at school.

Home Learning Suggested Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
15 minutes Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading
10 minutes Times Table Rock Stars Times Table Rock Stars Times Table Rock Stars Times Table Rock Stars
10 minutes Spelling Practise Spelling Practise Spelling Practise Spelling Practise
20 minutes Home Learning Activity

Maths written methods

Addition: Number Line

Number Line

46 – 18 = 28


2 x 4 = 8

2 groups of 4 equals 8


12 ÷ 3 = 4

Useful Websites

Year 2 topics coming up:

Autumn 1: Our Local Area
Autumn 2: Dragons
Spring 1: The Victorian Era
Spring 2: Victorian Inventions
Summer 1: All Around The World
Summer 2: Islands

Year 2 teachers introduce themselves:

2M’s teacher and Year Group Leader: https://vimeo.com/574879381/ec23959300

2O’s teacher: https://vimeo.com/575389464/55c506c715

2R’s teacher: https://vimeo.com/575403855/076053a587