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The Learning Journey for this half term is..

Amazing Animals

Week Ending: Friday 16th July 2021

Please click on the links below to meet the NEW Year1 teachers for September 2021

1O – Miss Michel

1M – Miss Waters

1R – Mrs Bowles and Mrs Gabriel

Class Party  Thursday 22nd July 2021 – Each child has been allocated an item to bring to our class party. Please check the list on the window outside your child’s classroom. The children can wear party clothes on Thursday 🙂

Trip to Woodcroft –  Below are the dates for our little woodland trip to Woodcroft Wildlife Space. We will be spending the morning there and so the children will be back in time for lunch. They children will need to bring their water bottles with them. We will provide them with a fruit snack.

1M – Tuesday 20th July

Sports Week at Hazelwood

Sports day : On Monday, the children had their annual sports day which took part on the field. The children participated in a range of races which included the obstacle course, sprint, relay, hurdles and vortex.

Personal best challenges:  During the week, the children participated in a range of challenges. They had two attempts for each challenge so they could beat their own personal score. The challenges included speed jump, beanbag throw, jumping jacks and step ups. They had to count how many they could do in 30 seconds.


Bounce class: This week, the children had a lot of fun bouncing around on their little trampolines to the beat of the music. The trampoline instructors where very impressed with how brilliant Year 1 took to the trampolines!


Penalty shoot out: The children showed off their super shooting skills!

Well done to the following children for receiving a value certificate this week!

10 – Ali, Dionard and Bert

1M – Ramsey, Edward and Hezron

1R –  Mohamed, Abrahr and Zoe

Isolation and Purple Mash If your child is having to self isolate from school because of potential symptoms, you will receive an email from their class teacher on Purple Mash.  We will send you PowerPoint Presentations for you to follow throughout week in English, Maths, Handwriting and Phonics. The work can be done in the exercise book we provided in the wallet. Feel free to attach a picture of your child’s work to an email and send it to your class teacher on Purple Mash. We are aware this is challenging as I know many parents are working from home but it’s important that the children continue to develop their skills in all areas of learning so that gaps are minimised.

All children should have received their Purple Mash logging in details. Please contact the office if you have misplaced this information.

Learning in Year 1


Art week

Animal sculpturesThe children created animal sculptures using clay. They carefully moulded the clay by pinching, twisting and pulling to create an animal like figure. Once they had dried out, the children had to think carefully about which colours to use when it came to painting them. Some added white to paint to create a lighter shade and others used black to darken the colour. We were very impressed with the children’s models and delighted  with their resilience and ambitious approach to their work.

Our Art Workshop – Animal wall hangings

The children participated in a workshop this week led by a professional artist. Firstly, the children looked at a range of animal faces and discussed the shapes they could see etc… circles for eyes, a triangle for a nose. The children then designed their own animal face and thought carefully about the shapes they were going to use. Once their design was complete, the children selected from a range of materials and card to bring their designs to life. Skills included cutting and gluing as well as thinking about the sizing of each shape to ensure they would fit on the wooden plaque provided. Each create their own plaque and were proud of their results 🙂

Chicks in school

For the last two weeks, Year 1 have had the responsibility of looking after chicks. They arrived last Monday as eggs in an incubator, and left us today. We have watched them grow and develop over the last couple of weeks and the children have taken great pleasure in observing these changes.

D&T – To design, make and evaluate our ‘Chick Houses’

We have chicks in school and this has inspired us to make some houses fit for our chicks! The children had to think about their design ensuring it was stable enough. They included flaps for windows and doors as well as a ramp.

D&T – To design, make and evaluate a product.

Inspired by our story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’, the children designed a Vegetable Egg Muffin. They thought carefully about the vegetables they wanted to include. On Tuesday, the children spent the morning  grating, chopping and slicing their chosen vegetables and made some delicious muffins! Some enjoyed the taste, others not so much! The children thought about what they could change next time to make them ever better!



Science week – W/B 10th May 2021

STEM challenge – Building a boat fit for a penguin to travel to Antarctica in.

Session with Al Sylvester – Explorer who visited Antarctica!

Ice Trolls experiment – Which material will keep the tolls from melting?

Fizzy colours – What happens when drops of vinegar are dropped into bi carbonate of soda?

Cornflour slim – What happens when cornflour is mixed together with a small amount water?

Our senses – Tate testing, smell testing, sound hunt, feely bag. We are all diverse – we like the smell, feel and touch of different things.

************************** REMINDERS AND NOTICES ******************************************

In absence of our ‘Meet the Team’ meetings, we have created a short video to share some key important information.

Please click on your class below to watch.

10 Miss Michel

1M -Miss Waters 

1R – Miss Georgiou

The PowerPoint presentation below will also include some additional useful information.

Meet the Year 1 team 2020

Home Learning – Home learning in Year 1 is most effective when it’s a hands on approach. We believe the children learn best when given practical approaches to embed their learning. The children will receive weekly homework which will involve discussions around a topic or consolidation of teaching from the previous week. 

Reading books -The children will receive 2 home reading books and a book from the book corner each week. Reading is key in Year 1 and the children should be reading every evening for approximately 10 minutes. Once your child has read to you, please sign and date the reading record so we can keep track. The TA will change these weekly during the day. Please ensure the books are in their book bag daily. Some children will receive  ‘word boxes’ in their reading records. These are some extra words we would like the children to read as they cannot be sounded out and the children just need to know them. Once your child can read and recognise these words, they will move onto the next box.

P.E – The children will have their P.E lesson every Friday with Miss Hammond. The children will need to come to school dressed their P.E kit every Friday. There will therefore be no need for P.E bags in school.