Online Questionnaire

  1. At the moment this Questionnaire is not interactive, however we do intend to make it so. It would be really helpful if you could provide us with a little bit of information about yourself or your partner.  If you are happy to share this information with HPSA, please print off this form, fill it out and and hand it into the school office. The data collected on this form will only be used for the purpose of contacting you about HPSA related activities and will not be disclosed to any external organisation without your express permission.
Child’s Name:
Parent(s) Name(s):
Mobile Tel(s):
Home Tel:
Home Address:
Child’s Birthday:
What skills do you (or your partner) have that HPSA might be able to use? e.g. first aid, gardening, arts & crafts, face painting, cooking, accounting, marketing, IT, graphic design, carpentry, sales, spreadsheets etc.
Forthcoming events – would you (or your partner) like to be involved in planning, running or volunteering at HPSA events?
CALLING ALL PARENTS!  Would you be happy to add your name (or your partner’s name!) to a “Muscle List” (i.e. an army of volunteers to help with event set-up)?
Do you (or your partner) work for a company that has a company “matched giving” scheme for employees?  If so, please provide details.
Do you (or your partner) work for/own a company that could donate a raffle prize or voucher for our Christmas or Summer Fetes?  If so, please provide details.
Are you happy for your contact details to be passed on to HPSA for the purposes of contacting you about our forthcoming events? YES/ NO
Would you be happy to have an Anthony Webb advertising board put up outside your property when we are advertising our events (e.g. Christmas Fair, Summer Fete, Car Boot Sale)? YES/ NO