HPSA DVDs Order Form

Professional Recording of Year Group Shows & School Concerts/Performances

For each year group show and School concert, HPSA organises for a professional recording company to come into School and record these events for you.

Why not order a DVD of your child’s year group show, so you can enjoy the show without the inconvenience of trying to make your own recording, and safe in the knowledge that your child’s performance is being recorded, for posterity, by a professional.  The profit HPSA makes from the sale of these DVDs goes towards purchasing new equipment and resources for our School.

Each DVD costs £7 if you place your order by the deadline stated on the order form that will be sent home in your child’s book bag following their Year group performance. We can still accept orders after this date, however these will be charged at the higher rate of £9 per DVD.

If you would like to order a DVD and do not have an order form, please either download a form here or email us at hpsa@hotmail.co.uk and we will send one to you.  Alternatively, please ask the office for one.

All completed DVD order form slips should be placed in a clearly marked “DVD Order” envelope together with your money.  Please hand this into the Office and ask for it to be put in the black HPSA box.