Our target is at least 96.8% attendance for every pupil in every class in every year.
We want you to have at least 96.8% attendance or more.

I am delighted to report that last year, parents, children and staff worked extremely hard to successfully improve our attendance figures to 96.72% for the Infant School and 96.77% for the Junior School. We will continue to build on this success and hopefully reach our target of 96.8% by the summer term.

You can find out about our weekly attendance figures on the newsletter that is sent out via email on a Friday afternoon each week. You can also find them on our website in the ‘School Information’ section.

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If your children are aged between 5 and 16 you must make sure they attend school regularly and stay in school. This is the law, you can be taken to court for breaking the law.
At Hazelwood the Governing body have agreed that attendance matters for all children and therefore children under 5 years old who attend Nursery and Reception must attend school everyday. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the school, will part time be agreed for children under 5. You must request a meeting with the Headteacher if you would like to request time off for your child well in advance.

Parents, whose children are registered at school, have a legal duty to ensure that their children receive their education through regular attendance at school.

Missed lessons = missed learning opportunities and your child will not make the progress they are capable of.
A morning off school = 3 hours missed
An afternoon off school = 2 hours missed
A day off school = 5 hours missed = 20% of a week!

Days off school soon add up. Missing lessons makes it hard to catch up and you have to work harder when you come back.

20% absence is the equivalent to one day’s absence, every week throughout the school year; and
20% absence over 5 years is the equivalent to a whole year missed!

It is well researched that a pupil’s attainment is linked to attendance. ‘If a school can improve attendance by 1%, they will see a 5-6% improvement in attainment’ (DFE). Hazelwood Schools’ clear message is “every lesson counts”.

Any absence should be reported to the Schools on the first day of absence. This helps us to know where all our pupils are. Parents and carers can explain absences but cannot authorise them. Only the Schools can decide whether an absence can be authorised.

Regular unauthorised absences where a parent has not provided a reason for absence mean that a parent or parents may be breaking the law and could be issued with a fixed penalty charge notice of £60 per parent per child by the local authority.

Medical appointments
Parents should make every effort to arrange medical and dental appointments after school, or during school holidays. If there is no alternative and your child has to be absent, please inform the School Office.

Term time holidays
Parents must not take holidays during term time. Hazelwood Schools are closed for 14 weeks of the year and parents are expected to use this time for taking holidays and visiting family abroad. The Headteacher will not authorise holidays during term time. The Schools have the full support of our Governors in this matter with the Headteacher’s decision being final.

Religious observance
Parent and carers may apply for a child to be absent from school on the day of a religious festival, so that children can enjoy celebrations with their families. In most circumstances the Schools will authorise one day’s absence. However, this absence will contribute to the child’s overall attendance figures.

Exceptional circumstances
The Schools will only authorise an absence during term time, other than illness, in exceptional circumstances and you must complete an ‘Application for Authorised Leave of Absence’ form which you can access by clicking here and you will need to email it to

Be aware
If your child has frequent days off for minor illnesses, e.g. tummy ache, feeling sick, it may be a sign that there is a problem at school. Please contact the Schools and discuss the problem.