Governors join the Governing body in five ways:

  1. As Local Authority governors – nominated by local political parties: bringing local community accountability perspectives
  2. As Parent governors – elected by parental ballot: with a key role to reflect the perspective of parents and the local community but also bringing their skills and experience to governance
  3. As Co-opted Governors – by nomination and invitation: bringing a particular skill or area of expertise to the governing body
  4. As Staff governor – elected by staff ballot: bringing the views perspective of teaching and support staff
  5. As Associated governor – by nomination and invitation: bringing a particular skill or area of expertise to the governing body

It is a legal requirement to have the first four governor categories.
The period of appointment is typically four years.

The Full Governing Body of Hazelwood Schools is made up as follows:
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  • Sidrah Chowdry – Chair


  • Ashley Venn

PARENT GOVERNOR – Elected by Parents

  • Sarah Naughton (Vice Chair)
  • Harriet Potemkin


  • Sidrah Chowdry
  • Emma Cooper
  • Tony Burton
  • Helen Hattersley
  • Stella Gannon (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Rob Worth
  • Louisa Constanti
  • Pani Matsangos
  • Tatiana Okorie


  • Zoe Michel
  • Josh Newham (Headteacher) Ex-officio


  • Louise McNamara

The different backgrounds support balanced and responsive governance – ensuring accountability to the families and children of our school community.

The Headteacher is a member of the governing body through his leadership role.

We are very fortunate that senior leaders at Hazelwood School attends our full Governing Body meetings and Sub-committees and engage with governors on strategic and accountability matters.

In addition, we invite school staff to make presentations at our meetings to support our understanding of key aspects of their work when we are discussing a particular topic such as the curriculum or provision for children with special educational needs.

The more we know and understand about the schools, the more we are able to support and challenge to secure improvements.

The Governing Body has responsibility for both the Nursery, Infant and Junior schools as part of the ‘Federation’ arrangement.

The Full Governing Body meetings take place four times a year.  The key focus is to support the strategic direction of the school and monitor the educational progress of the school and its financial performance.

We have two sub-committees and a Strategic Group. Each Committee has Terms of Reference which are renewed at the start of the school year and Cycles of Work which describe the priorities for the year and the range of activities to be undertaken, including visits to the school.

Communicating with Governors

We are keen to hear from parents and carers of children at our schools and appreciate any feedback and suggestions about how governors can improve their work with the school, for example, making sure that parents and carers understand what we do.

There are two ways to contact the governing body;

  • Leave a message in the Office – office staff will place your message in a folder. The Chair, Sidrah Chowdry, will pick it up and respond within three days.
  • Email a message using:  Sidrah Chowdry, Chair of the Governing Body will respond within three days.

If Parents and Carers have any concern about any aspect of school life, they should raise any concerns with the school before approaching the Governing Body.

If they wish to make a complaint they must follow the established Complaint procedures. The Complaints procedures are on our Website (click ‘School Information’ tab and then ‘Policies’) or can be collected from the school office.


Key Documents

Minutes of the Governing Body meetings including Committee meetings are available on request. Please email with your request.

Governing Body Attendance 2021-22

Governing Body Register of Business interest

Governing Body Terms of Office 2021-22

Governing Body Committees and Responsibilities 2021-22

Governing Body Annual Statement of Impact 2020-2021

Instrument of Government

Core Purpose

Key Characteristics of Effective Governing Bodies

Governors’ Code of Conduct

How to be a Governor