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World Book Day Wall of Fame!

This year World Book Day has been a little different and like many things over the last year we have had to adapt and change the way we do things. That doesn’t mean we have enjoyed ourselves or celebrated any less this year! We have shown the values of creativity and resilience  and still had lots of opportunities to celebrate our love of reading and children’s literature!

Dressing Up Wall Of Fame!

Can you spot some of your favourite book characters?

We love reading everywhere!

Take a look at some of our favourite reading spots at home!


Here is some of our creative work!

Class Stories

Each class created their own class stories during a live meet. All classes demonstrated the values of creativity and teamwork to orally develop their stories enabling them to enjoy the art of story telling.

Some classes chose to innovate a well known story, some created a story based on their current learning journey and year 6 worked as a year group to develop a narrative by building upon each classes idea.

Hazelwood’s World Book Day Library

The Three Superhero Wolves and the Cheeky Monkey by Blue Class

The Three Little Sharks by Red class

The Three Little Dragons by Yellow class

Buraz and the Beanstalk by 1O

Alice and the Beanstalk by 1R

Belle and The Beanstalk by 1M

The Three Little Cats by 2O

The Three Little Lions by 2M

The Three Big Elephants by 2R

Rishi, Layla and the Dragon! by 3M

The Freezing of Blackbeard by 3O

The Food Fighters vs Burnious, the Ferocious Fire Breathing Dragon by 3R

Tiny Turquoise Riding Trousers by 4R

Jimmy and the Golden Shoes by 4M

Joseph’s Litter-ally Life-Changing Lesson by 5O

Air Pollution by 5M

It Waits by Year 6

Q&A session with Author

Laura Arnold

Laura Arnold’s wonderful book – click on the picture to access Laura’s website

Hazelwood is very proud that a member of our school community, Laura Arnold, is also a published author and illustrator. On World Book Day our children had the opportunity to listen to Laura read her book aloud and also thought of some very interesting questions for her about the creative writing process and being a published author!

Click on the link below to view the Q&A session.

Laura Arnold Q&A Session



Click on the links below to view stories read aloud by Staff

“I believe in Unicorns” By Michael Morpurgo – Read by SLT

“Mr Gumpy’s Outing ” by John Burningham – Told by the Nursery Team