Hazelwood is a member of ‘Excellence in Learning Community’ (ELC) which is a group of 17 Enfield schools that work together in partnership to improve the outcomes for all pupils and communities within the group. There is a Steering Group within the ELC and Karen Khwaja (Garfield Primary Headteacher) is the current Chair of the Steering Group.

The role of the Excellence in Learning Community partnership is to promote our vision of ‘working together to deliver excellence in learning across our communities’.

The Excellence in Learning Community set out to achieve:

  • Exceptional school to school support
  • Ongoing collaborative enrichment events
  • Developing additional funding sources to enrich our member schools learning offer through bid opportunities
  • Promote co-operation and collaboration between our schools, other educational bodies and the wider communities in which our schools operate


Members within the Excellence in Learning Community partnership:

  • Alma Primary School
  • Cuckoo Hall Primary
  • De Bohun Primary School
  • Firs Farm Primary
  • Freezywater St George’s C E Primary
  • Garfield Primary
  • Hazelwood Schools
  • Highfield Primary
  • Honilands Primary
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Primary
  • St John & St James C E Primary
  • St Michael at Bowes C E Junior
  • St Monica’s Catholic Primary
  • Tottenhall Infants
  • Walker Primary
  • West Grove Primary
  • Woodpecker Hall Primary


Upcoming interschool enrichment events include:


  • STEM Robot Day – Year 5 programming robots on 11thOctober 2019
  • Spelling Bee Competition – for Year 1 to 6 in November 2020
  • Rock Stars Time Tables – maths enrichment event for Year 2 and 3 in January 2020
  • Science Fair – for Year 2 and 3 in March 2020
  • Debating – Year 4 inter school competition in on 28thApril 2020
  • Dome Day – June 2020– where representatives from Year 6 in each school will be building geodesic domes


We also run adult training sessions for our parents and carers across our ELC schools and upcoming courses include:


Level 2 Award in Helping in Schools – 14 week course starting at Garfield Primary on 25th September 2019

Pre Entry ESOL – 10 week course held at Garfield Primary, St Michael at Bowes CE Junior and St John and James C E Primary- starts September 2019


If you require any further information please contact Michelle Keady, Excellence in Learning Community Co-Ordinator at michelle@excellenceinlearningcommunity.org.uk or take a look at the website www.excellenceinlearningcommunity.org.uk