Working Groups

Special Educational Needs/Disability and Inclusion Working Group

Governor Neil Smith leads this working group with strong support from the SEN coordinator (SENDCO) and Deputy Head teacher. Governors Neil Smith and Cara Brilliant are also fully involved.

Meetings take place at least four times a year and a record is maintained of discussions and recommendations.

Governors undertake Learning Walks focussed on an aspect of inclusion, for example, small group interventions, site accessibility.

Partnership with Parents and Carers working Group:

Governor Selma leads this working group working closely with Jo and Sidrah. Governors work with school leaders to secure effective partnership working with our parents/carers.

Selma is the principal point of liaison and communication with HPSA, attending meetings regularly.

The working group ensure that the governing body listens and responds to the views of our parent community.

In addition to these working groups we may have short term Focus working groups involved in particular projects. For example, last year we had a group helping the school to develop the website further.