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Football Tournament at Raglan 

Boys football BBoys football
Girls football






On Thursday 22nd June three teams from Hazelwood took part in a football tournament hosted at Raglan Junior School. Each team played matches against Eversley, Houndsfield and Raglan. The children worked really well together with the girls having their most successful run to date (two wins and a draw)! Well done to all of the children who took part!

District Athletics 



On Wednesday 21st June children from Years 3,4,5 and 6 competed in the Borough Athletics competition held at Lea Valley Athletics Centre. The children have shown great commitment and dedication to weeks of training in preparation for the event. On the hottest day of the year the children gave 110% and were a credit to the school. Well done to Ella Buckley for 3rd place in the Year 3 50m sprint, Theo Law for 2nd place in the Year 4 50m sprint and Olivia Cookhorn for 3rd place in the Year 6 150m sprint!!



Girls Football Tournament at Spurs

Girls football Spurs Girls football spurs 2











On Thursday 15th June the girls football team played in a Borough tournament held at the prestigious Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground. The girls have really gelled together over the season and played with confidence. A super goal from Tia signed off a wonderful afternoon for the team. Well done to Isobel, Rosa, Reyhan, Emily, Matilda, Madeleiene, Sky, Emilijia and Tia!!

Kwik Cricket Tournament

Kwik cricket tournament


On Monday 12th June the Kwik Cricket team played in their first Borough tournament. They started off well in their first match against Raglan but lack of experience unfortunately saw us lose that game. They fielded with confidence in their next game but Eversley batted extremely well. The children enjoyed themselves and gave them experience for the start of their league matches.



KS1 Football


On Wednesday 7th June eight boys from year 1 and 2 took part in a football festival held at the prestigious Tottenham Hotspur training ground. They have a fantastic time and played really well as a team. They battled through every game, strong tackles were put in and some brilliant finishes for the goals! Well done to Sami, Sam, Marley, Owen, Luca, Harry, Zach and Kiran!!




Basketball Tournament

Basketball 2017

On Tuesday 6th June a group of children from year 5 competed in the Borough Basketball tournament held at Bishop Stopford Secondary School. The tournament involves a 3-a-side game with both teams shooting at the same hoop. Children have to intercept the ball to start again at the top for them to be able to attack. We were taken aback by the physicality and speed in the first game but soon got the hang of things. The children communicated well and gave their all – special mention to Reyhan and Drew for fantastic play! Well done to Hayyan, Adrian, Efe, Julian, Rosa, Drew, Reyhan and Ahmet!


Tag Rugby Tournament

Group photo

IMG_3555           IMG_3552             Year 4       Team C

On Thursday 25th May four tag rugby teams went to Raglan School to take part in a Tag Rugby tournament against other schools in the borough.  Each team played in a league against other schools and all of the points from each Hazelwood team were added together for an overall score. Hazelwood finished 3rd overall!! The children played brilliantly as a team and a special mention must go to the year 4 team who were amazing! Well done to Seb, Alfie, Sidney, Tia, Matilda, Rosa, Kerim, Emma, Laurie, Ryan, Mohamed, Harvey, Emilija, Isobel, Leon, Alan, Ollie, Kayan, Ivan, Elliz, Samia, Theo, Jacob, Olivia, Rayan, Anthony, Joe, Angelina, Giya and Burhan!!


Quadkids 2017

On Monday 22nd May a team of children from Year 5 & 6 competed in the Borough Quadkids Athletics competition. Quadkids Athletics involves a team of four boys and girls who take part in different athletics events; long jump, 600m run, 75m sprint and vortex throw. They each earned points for their times and distances. All children gave it their all and were a credit to the school. Well done to Numa, Seb, Adisa, Damien, Olivia, Saffron, Tia and Madeleine!

Year 4 Tennis Tournament


On Monday 8th May two teams of children from year 4 competed in the Enfield Borough Mini Tennis competition. They played against different schools in the borough and it was a great learning experience for the children who had not played tennis competitively before. All children managed to win some of their matches and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Well done to Cassie, Faye, Elliz, Florin, Anthony, Rojyar, Daniel and Elifnaz!

School Engagement Day at Lords Cricket Ground

IMG_3031 IMG_3055 IMG_3084 IMG_3043

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the School Engagement Day at Lords Cricket Ground on Thursday 27th April. Selected children from years 4 and 5 were able to take part and enjoy a range of activities. We were able to watch Middlesex vs Sussex play alongside getting to actually play on the Nursery Ground! They all received an activity pack which had us learning new facts about Cricket and further encouraging our love for Cricket! The children had a wonderful day and were a credit to Hazelwood School.

KS1 Panathlon

IMG_2982 IMG_3014 IMG_3006 IMG_2985

On Monday 24th April seven children from year 1 and 2 went and competed in the KS1 Panathlon held at Lea Valley Athletics Centre. The children had to take part in a variety of activities such as Boccia blast, parachute popcorn, target throwing and long jump! The children had a great time, performed brilliantly and were a credit to the school. Overall they came 4th and got to take home some lovely shiny medals! Well done William, Taliyah, Zain, Zinoo, Abdihafid, Holly and Tristan.

Cross country

IMG_2940  IMG_2944

On Thursday 20th April a team of year 4 children went to represent Hazelwood schools in the Enfield Borough Cross Country tournament. The children had quite a task ahead of them having to follow a route around lea valley athletics centre totalling 1100m. It was the turn of the girls first who ran steadily and kept the pace going all the way round. Next it was the turn of the boys who all sprinted off at the start trying to catch the lead runner! They all ran extremely well with each of them finishing in the top 25!
Well done to Emma, Elliz, Rhianne, Leyla, Samia, Theo, Oliver B, Kayan, Oliver V-M and Ivan!

Boys ‘B’ Football Team


On Tuesday 22nd February it was the first time the boys ‘B’ football team had ever played together. They had two fixtures one against Eversley Primary School and one against St Monica’s Primary School. They started off really well with good movement of the ball and attacking play. A fantastic cross in from Tristan and a well finished header from Ollie saw us go 1-0 up!! Two more fantastic goals from Brodie and an amazing shot from Brandon saw us go further ahead – the boys had won their first game 5-1! Damien was awarded man of the match as he was fantastic in his defensive and attacking duties – he was everywhere! After a long break we played our second fixture against St. Monica’s who played well to beat us 1-0. Well done to Tristan, Morgan, Brodie, Alfie, Brandon, Ollie, Oscar, Lucas, Drew, Ru and Damien!

Boys ‘A’ Football Team


On Tuesday 21st February the boys ‘A’ football team played in two league fixtures, one against Wilbury Primary School and one against St Michael at Bowes Primary School. In the first match the boys played extremely well as a team with some fantastic defensive challenges from Captain Zak and flying through the air saves from Kerim to keep us in the game. Hazelwood were 1-0 down at half time but after a well battled persistent second half the boys managed to attack well with Michael scoring a wonderful top corner goal to keep us in the game and get a well deserved point. The next match against St Michael at Bowes Hazelwood started really well and could have easily been 4-0 up in the first few minutes but a few off target shots and great saves from their keeper kept us from scoring. Great forward play from St Michael at Bowes saw Hazelwood lose the game but all of the Hazelwood team played brilliantly and did the school proud. Well done to Zak, Adisa, Leo, Kerim, Hamid, Michael, Shakiren and Numa!

Boccia Tournament


On Wednesday 25th January a team of children represented Hazelwood Schools in the Enfield Boccia tournament. This was the first time that the children had played as a team in a competition and they were a credit to Hazelwood Schools. Co-captains Nabil and Winston made great tactical decisions and supported the team extremely well! The team came second in their group and even won one match 6-0!! Well done to Stefan, Nabil, Chloe, Winston and Melissa.

Sportshall Athletics Final

sportshall athletics final 2016

On Tuesday 13th December it was time for the Sportshall Athletics team to compete in the Enfield Borough Final against Capel Manor, St. Andrews and Eversley. The competition was tough but Hazelwood persevered and put in all they had. They represented the school fantastically and overall they came second! A huge congratualtions to Seb, Kerim, Michael, Georgiana, Meryrem, Saffron, Matilda, Olivia, Tia M, Morgan, Konrad, Alfie, Tia J, Emilija, Annabelle, Madeleine, Jaylon, Numa and Tommy!

KS2 Intermediate Gymnastics Festival


On Thursday 1st December five children from KS2 represented Hazelwood in the Enfield Borough Gymnastics Festival held at Edmonton County Leisure Centre. The children had been extremely dedicated to learning the routines and perfecting them week in week out.  The standard was high across the Enfield Schools and Hazelwood did well to perform under pressure. Overall they came 6th with a score of 132.2. Well done to Charlotte, Bazile, Sasha, Nico and Felix!

KS2 Beginner Gymnastics Festival


On Tuesday 30th November five children from year 3 and 4 competed in the Enfield Borough KS2 Beginner Gymnastics Festival held at Southbury Leisure Centre. The children have worked extremely hard learning and practising a routine and different vault jumps. They performed their routines brilliantly and did Hazelwood proud! Well done to Katy, Louie, Ollie, Ella and Edie!

KS1 Gymnastics Festival

IMG_9929  IMG_9987

On Monday 29th November five children from KS1 took part the Enfield Borough Gymnastics Festival held at Southbury Leisure Centre. The children had been learning and practising a routine and a variety of vault jumps. They did really well and Hazelwood are very proud of them! Well done to Marley, Hivda, Ava, Iris and Sofia.

Tag Rugby Fixtures


On Friday 25th November the Tag Rugby team went and played in the first fixtures of the Tag Rugby League this year. Even in freezing conditions the children gave 110%, they tagged well and displayed brilliant support play when going forward. Our next rounds of fixtures are on Friday 9th December. Well done to Laurie, Harvey, Ryan, Sidney, Kerim, Matilda, Rosa, Alfie, Madeleine and Maria!

Sportshall Athletics

IMG_9884          IMG_9887

On Tuesday 22nd November the Sportshall Athletics team competed in the Enfield Borough tournament held at Lea Valley High School. The children took part in various running, jumping and throwing activities. Their hard work and commitment paid off as they were the overall winners of the night!! This puts them through to the final on the 13th December. Congratulations to Kerim, Tia M, Olivia, Georgiana, Annabelle, Madeleine, Matilda, Michael, Konrad, Morgan, Numa, Tia J, Meryrem, Saffron, Alfie, Jaylon, Tommy and Emilija!

Tag Rugby Tournament


On Friday 19th November the Tag Rugby team took part in their first Tag Rugby tournament hosted by Enfield Ignatians Rugby club. They started well as a team and were strong in tackling and worked extremely well as a team. The team supported each other well going forwards and every single member of the squad scored a try! Well done to Sidney, Kerim, Seb, Madeleine, Alfie, Maria and Rosa!

Girls Football Tournament

IMG_9830 IMG_9836

On Wednesday 16th November the Girls Football team took part in the Enfield Schools Borough Football tournament at the impressive power league facilities at Edmonton County. The girls started off a bit rusty as they had not played a match in a while but soon got into the swing of things. They worked well as a team and became more confident in going forward with the ball. Their hard work paid off as they scored in their second game! Well done to Matilda, Rosa, Giya, Sky, Reyhan, Tia, Madeleine and Emily!

Girls Football Team


This year the girls football team consists of Victoria, Rosa, Emily, Sky, Reyhan, Giya, Madeleine, Sophia, Matilda and Tia. The team has had two fixtures so far and have shown great determination and teamwork. They are new to the game but that does not stop them giving it their all!

Boys Football Team


This year the boys football team consists of Michael, Zak, Kerim, Hamid, Leo, Shakiren, Adisa, Leo and Seb. The boys have also played some fixtures so far this season and most recently in the Enfield Boys Football tournament. Led by their captain Zak, the boys were well organised, determined and played as a team. They had a fantastic tournament with only one loss and 5 wins and 4 draws.