Hazelwood’s Curriculum

Our curriculum meets the statutory requirements and encompasses unique Hazelwood Learning Journeys underpinned by the following:

  • RRIP which means ‘Real, Relevant, Immersive and Purposeful‘ opportunities to offer context and applicability to learning,
  • Hazelwood Drivers which help to create a curriculum that meets the needs of our school community; a unique fingerprint for our school curriculum that helps to shape our learning journeys.

Our Drivers are:

  • Inspiring awe and wonder (hooks for learning and sparkle; big bangs, celebrations, trips and visitors, artefacts, motivation and inspiration for learning)
  • Problem solving and thinking skills (creative thinkers; real life challenges, risk taking in learning; resourcefulness; enterprise, working collaboratively; fostering and applying thinking skills, independent learners)
  • Creative arts (developing creative brain, broad and expressive curriculum of dance, drama, music and art, inspiration, enjoyment and fulfilment)
  • Nurturing responsible citizens (training lifelong skills and values, PSHE, British values; emotional Intelligence, collaboration; care for the environment and helping others; sharing talents in community; links with community and local environment)

Click on your child’s Learning Journey (see table below) to find out more about their curriculum coverage.
Some of the Learning Journeys below are from last year because we add the current half term’s Learning Journey once we start that half term, e.g. Spring 1 2020 won’t be added until the end of the 1st week back in January.

The Learning Journey Curriculum Webs can also be found on your child’s year group page.

Further information on the Schools’ Curriculum can be found in our School Prospectus click here to view and to find out more about our philosophy for Teaching and Learning, click here to read our Teaching and Learning Policy.


 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Nursery All About Me In Our World Tell us a storyGrowing Topic Pattern Amazing Animals
ReceptionRhymes and TalesStories (Hooks For BooksPeople Who Help UsArtic and Antartic PiratesMinibeasts
Year 1ToysWeather Fire Of London PlantsHealthy EatingAmazing Animals
Year 2Local AreaVictoriansDragonsAll Around The WorldFamous PeopleIslands
Year 3Stones and Bones!Stones ans Bone and HinduismMagnetic MagicExtreme EarthRoald DahlAncient Greeks
Year 4The Iron ManPolar ExpressThe Romans The Anglo Saxons and ScotsCRASH! BANG ! WALLOP! Viva Espana
Year 5Blow Your Mind!Lost in SpaceThe Vikings The RainforestThe Life of the BuddhaAncient Egypt
Year 6Ready Steady Go!Dragon's DenWorld War 2 World War 2Ready, Steady, GoMoving on

Click here for Our British Values Document

Games Curriculum taught by Miss Hammond

Across the school, Years 1- 6 PE Lessons are compiled of Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Net and Wall game, Outdoor adventurous activities, Striking and Fielding, Invasion Games and Athletics. Foundation stage cover the fundamental skills of Gymnastics, Dance and Games.

Click below for the relevant Games Curriculum:
KS1 – Year 1 & Year 2 
KS2 – Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6

Music Curriculum taught by Mrs Halpern

CLICK HERE for the Music Curriculum

Spanish Curriculum taught by Mrs McColgan our Spanish Specialist 

Years 2 to 6  have weekly Spanish lessons and have been doing really well covering a wide range of topics to develop their understanding of speaking,  listening,  reading and writing in the Spanish language.  A wide range of activities are used to engage and immerse the pupils in the Spanish language which include songs, stories, puppets and a variety of games and Computing.

Click below for the relevant Spanish Curriculum:
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6