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Buttercups, Daisies and Sunflowers


Welcome to Hazelwood Nursery 2020! 

We are delighted to inform you that Daisies, Sunflowers and Buttercups -our new Nursery starters- have been settling in for the last two weeks.  During this time the children have been exploring their new learning environment;  learning through play; making new friends, forming relationships with their teachers and most importantly, learning the routines of the day.  Some children have had tears, some have been a bit upset and others settled straight away.  With the support and care of the nursery team they are on the way of coping with the new transition from home to nursery and separation from their parents/carers in the morning. We understand that the new beginnings are quite stressful not only for the chiildren but also for you as parents and carers (and it is very normal to feel that way) but we are very positive that very soon all the children will be fully settled. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Over the following weeks the children will be engaging in focussed learning activities to develop their skills ensuring they  achieve the goals in the seven areas of learning. 

All future notices will be on the school website and Hazelwood newsletter. 


Please meke sure you set up the Tapestry account by foling the link the class teachers sent to your email. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to sspeak to one of the Nursery team. Thank you


The whole school value this half-term is Responsibility 







Please check your child’s experiences and adventures in Nursery on Tapestry. 



Ideas for helping children at home: 

-Please read aloud and tell stories to children ; it helps them to learn new ideas, concepts and vocabulary.
If English is not the language your family speaks at home, enjoy sharing books written in your home language.

-Please explore stories by talking about the pictures and predicting what might happen next in the story.

-Please  sing songs and nursery rhymes; play musical games together.

-Always encourage your child  to express their thoughts and use new words; have conversations with them at meal times.

-Please encourage your child to draw and make marks as these skills are important for them to develop their writing.




 *********************** REMINDERS & NOTICES  **************************

GATES: When leaving the Nursery please make sure that you close all of the gates behind you. Thank you.

ATTENDANCE: It is important that your child attends school everyday and arrives on time. They will miss important learning time if they are late.

SNACKS: Please do not put any snacks in this bag as the children have fruit provided at snack time.

COATS: Please make sure that your child has a coat at school everyday as we  go outside in all weathers. 

LABELS: Please label all items of your child’s clothing including their coats and shoes.

NUTS: Please make sure that your child does not bring nuts in any form to school. This is very important as we have children in our classes that are allergic to nuts.

Please make sure that your child has an early night as the school day can be very tiring. They should be in bed by 7pm to ensure a good night’s sleep.




Autumn 2 Celebrations.

Autumn 1 Ourselves.