Welcome to the Reception webpage

     Week beginning 29th March

We hope that you have all had a lovely week. 

Please ensure that your children are going to bed earlier in order for them to get into a good bedtime routine (in bed by 7pm) as we are seeing some sleepy faces after lunch.

A friendly reminder now that we are back, please could you ensure that you select your child’s lunch for the day via the SchoolGrid website. From here you can choose your child’s lunch up to three weeks in advance, thank you.


This Week

This week in literacy the children created their own stories and enjoyed reading their stories to their peers.

In maths, we have been counting back from 20. 

Next week in phonics we will be recapping the sounds we have learnt this term and writing simple sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

In maths, we will recognising and adding coins.

Reading Records

The children will be bringing home a reading scheme book in their red book bags. Please can you listen to your child read and write a comment in the orange reading record books so that we know that they have shared the book with you.


We will be posting pictures and videos on Tapestry of what the children have been doing at school. It would be lovely to see your comments or a thumbs up would be great – thank you. If you are having any problems with Tapestry please let us know so that we can help you.

PE Kits

Miss Hammond has asked for the children to come to school dressed in their PE kits ready for their lesson each Friday. The children will stay in their PE kits for the rest of the day.
Your child’s PE kits includes:
White T-shirt
Black/Navy Shorts or Joggers (please check the weather for the day as your child will be outside at lunchtime)
Trainers NOT plimsoles (preferably velcro)

Please remove your child’s jewellery before coming to school.

We understand that due to the current circumstances you may not be able to purchase these items at the moment. Please do not worry,  just ensure that your child is wearing something comfortable that they can move and run around in.


Ideas for Home Learning


Counting  and adding one more and subtracting one activities, counting objects at home, such as jumps, claps, dance moves, cutlery, socks, pasta. Also don’t forget to practise writing each number correctly.


You could search your home for things containing the ng, ai, ee, igh sounds, as well as practising writing those letters and some words.

Also, don’t forget to practise reading ,recognising and using the Tricky Words we have learnt so far

I go,to,the,no,go,he,she,we,me,be,was.

Practise sounding out and writing simple words and sentences.

‘The food is on the spoon’ or ‘Can I go to the moon?’

Draw a Story Map and then share the story with someone, perhaps even the dog or cat!!

Daily reading at home is an essential learning tool. Try to find the time to read with your child everyday and talk about the pictures in the book, encouraging your child to explain what is happening. Talking to your child is the most valuable part of home learning to develop and build your child’s vocabulary.

Helping your child to use scissors at home will develop their fine motor control too, so get busy cutting and sticking!!

We’ve really enjoyed seeing your children’s homework, it’s lovely to see the effort they’ve been putting in.

Please remember that although it’s great to support your child in their homework, do not do it for them, please encourage them to do it themselves.

Remember young children should be in bed by 7pm to ensure a good night’s sleep. Children of this age need 12 hours sleep per day. Also parents in these stressful times you also need ME time!