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     Week beginning 28th September

Our first Full time week at school has been a great success!

The first time in the lunch hall can be very intimidating but all the children really coped well and we have discovered some big appetites! Thank you to all the parents who used the online booking service to choose the lunches, this is really helpful.

Also if you feel that your child is not enjoying the school lunches you are welcome to bring a pack lunch.



Hopefully you have all received an email from Tapestry to activate your account.

From Friday 2nd we will be uploading your child’s first observations, so you will be able to see what they have been learning at school. You will also be able to upload your own observations so the children will be able to share with the rest of the class, anything interesting that you have been doing outside of school. 

If you have not received your email or have any questions then please speak to your class teacher.

W/B 28/9/2020
Letters and Sounds

This week we will be again focusing on Phase 1 activities, listening games, rhyming games and initial sounds.

We will introduce Alliteration to the children and make up some funny sentences. We will also be learning more Nursery Rhymes and sharing stories.

We will be focusing on pen control and mark making patterns, to get the children ready for actual hand writing.

The children will be practicing writing their names and using a CAPITAL letter only at the beginning,  you can help them with this at home. 


This week in Maths we will be focusing on number ordering ,recognition and formation with numbers 1-20.

We will be recogonising numbers and building towers using the correct amount of blocks.

Ideas for Home Learning

Don’t forget learning should be fun. Only short sessions around 15-20 minutes long.

Counting activities, counting objects at home, such as cutlery, socks, pasta.

Have a Number Hunt! Play Snap to encourage number recognition.

Daily reading at home is an essential learning tool. Try to find the time to read with your child everyday and talk about the pictures in the book, encouraging your child to explain what is happening. Talking to your child is the most valuable part of home learning to develop and build your child’s vocabulary.

Helping your child to use scissors at home will develop their fine motor control too, so get busy cutting and sticking!!



Please make sure that your child has an early night as the school day can be very tiring.

They should be in bed by 7pm to ensure a good night’s sleep. Children of this age need 12 hours sleep per day. 

Home Learning:

This week we will start to send home the Homework File in their Red book bag, so please check inside to see your child’s task. 

Your child will be bringing home a book from our class library. Please read the book to your child. Also ask your child questions about the story such as:

Which part of the story did you like best?    Who was your favourite character?     What do you think will happen next? Please write a comment in the yellow reading record to say that you have read the book. Thank you

Your child can bring in a water bottle which they can leave at school and we will refill each day. Please put their name on the bottle.

Please make sure that all school uniform is labelled with your child’s name.

Coats and bags

Please make sure that your child has a coat at school everyday if needed as we  go outside in all weathers. The only bag that your child needs to bring into school at the moment is the red book bag, which can be purchased from the school office. Please do not bring in any large back packs as we do not have the space to store them. Also the children should not be bringing in any toys from home now.