The Hazelwood Players & School Pantomime

A long-standing and proud tradition at Hazelwood School is the opportunity, every Christmas, for parents and staff alike to dress up in ridiculous costumes, woodenly deliver carefully scripted and occasionally funny lines, trip up regularly and dance and sing in a manner that no child should ever be subjected to. In other words, The Hazelwood Christmas Panto, staged annually at the end of the Autumn term with three shows presented during the day to the children and an evening performance for the parents, family and carers and any of the children who thought once wasn’t enough.

Often amusing, at times outrageous and never, ever dull, the Panto is much enjoyed by the children. The Hazelwood Players is comprised of an ever-evolving troupe of parents and staff members who not only attempt to act and sing but also write the script, contribute to the provision of scenery, props, lighting, sound effects, make-up, costumes, music (under the guidance of musical director Cathy Halpern) and literally any other major or minor requirement that staging a show entails.

Naturally, as children progress through the School and eventually leave, so the Panto loses regular cast and crew members.  The only way for the Panto to continue is for other, newer parents at the School to step up and join in, even if it is just to help behind the scenes. So, if you’ve an area you could help with or would like to try, or are interested in performing, no matter how small a role, get in touch at and let us know. Rehearsals are usually once a week from mid-to-late October until the end of term.  We can promise that making a fool of yourself in public will never before have been met with such thunderous approval and rapturous enjoyment by so many children.