Advertising Board

Childminder? Babysitter? Tutor? Fitness Instructor? Builder? Washing machine for sale? Baby rabbits in need of a good home?

If you’ve got a service to offer or something you want to sell, why not advertise it on the HPSA Advertising Board in the top playground and help HPSA raise vital money to purchase new equipment and resources for our School.

HPSA charges 50 pence per advertisement, per week for an ad to appear on the Advertising Board.

To place your ad, please download and complete the form below and enclose it, together with your money and your ad, in an envelope, and ask one of the staff in the School Office to put it in the black HPSA box.

The HPSA Advertising Board is checked and updated once a week during term time.

Click here to download HPSA Advertisement form