HPSA Committee

Chair Stephen Kelly

With two boys at Hazelwood Steve has co-chaired the PTA for a number of years. A keen fundraiser and networker Steve is also responsible for writing the newsletter updates and coordinating events with the help of the team.

Vice Chair Sophie Spinoza

Sophie mum to two boys at the School provides enthusiasm and energy to coordinate our events especially the summer and Christmas fairs. She’s been responsible in the past as Secretary for taking minutes at our regular meetings Sophie is pivotal to ensuring that information is communicated to our parents.

Treasurer – Elena

With one daughter in school Elena is currently studying accountancy. She has a great grasp on the charity accounts and was fundamental in improving our systems in back in 2016. A vital role behind the scenes Elena is fundamental to our success and transparency.

Secretary – Laura Arnold

Laura has one child who has just graduated from Hazelwood and another who is halfway through. She is also a valued T.A. at the school giving her a great all round view of Hazelwood. She will be supporting our HPSA meetings through drawing up agendas and minute taking. She will also be helping to communicate information around the school and through our class reps.

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