HPSA Committee

Chair – Anna Morris

Anna has worked in events and catering for over 20 years and has her recently set up her own café: Anna’s Courtside at Conway. Anna has three boys at Hazelwood and has been involved in HPSA for five years and loves bringing her creativity and fun ideas to Hazelwood. She is always looking for like-minded organisers to help plan and facilitate HPSA events.

Co Vice Chair – Hannah Buckley

Hannah is a mum of three (two of whom are still at Hazelwood) and has loved joining in HPSA events for the last 8 years, primarily as a class rep. She is also a civil servant who works on crime reduction policy. Hannah enjoys organising things and likes nothing more than a project plan and a set of highlighters. This is her first year on the HPSA committee and is looking forward to getting stuck in.

Co Vice Chair – Mel Guy 

Mel is a member of staff at Hazelwood and mum to three children, two of whom are still at Hazelwood. Mel has been involved in HPSA for nearly ten years and has a particular interest in making our fundraising events and the school as eco friendly as possible. Mel is currently looking at having more permanent recycling points in the school. If you have any other ideas on green initiatives please let Mel know!

Secretary – Beata Csanadi-Farkashazi 

Beata is a teacher and mother of two lovely boys. She loves working with people and believes in creativity being at the heart of everything. She is also part of the ‘We made it’ Team who are a group of parents who put their collective creative skills and talents towards raising funds. Are you a designer/ knitter/ sewer/ artist? Talk to Beata and she can tell you how you can help.

Treasurer – Amy Sheehan

Amy is taking over this year as Treasurer. She has two sons at Hazelwood, in Years 5 and 1, and an older son who has now left the school. So not only has she been involved in school for quite a while, it looks like she has many more years here to come!

Assistant Treasurer – Andree Antoniades

Andree is an accountant and is very excited to have joined the HPSA committee this year. She will be putting her money-counting skills to good use in assisting Amy with her Treasury duties. She has a son and daughter at Hazelwood, in Years 5 and 3.  Andree is very happy to be working with such a wonderful team and she is looking forward to the wider HPSA community raising lots of money at all the fun-filled events to keep her busy counting!

HPSA Consultant – Steve Kelly 

Having been a longstanding member of HPSA and committee Chair for 7 years, Steve has a huge amount of experience in raising money for the school and is sharing this knowledge with the committee as they learn the ropes.